Photo Update: July, 2008

Ok, I’ve had this post as a draft for too long so I might as well just post it. I’m planning on switching to a new photo gallery, hence why I haven’t been uploading more photos to our current one:

August, 2007 – Ethan’s Wedding

August, 2007 – Montgomery County Fair and the Monster Trucks (taken with my camera phone)

September, 2007 – PSU vs Notre Dame. We watched from the parking lot, but we still had a great time. In attendence were my cousins Wes and Linsey, Sue and her kids Jason and Stacey, and my gram and of course wife Stacie.

April, 2008 – We attended the Pope’s Mass in Washington D.C.! We got tickets through our church and attended mass at the new Nationals Ballpark. It was a moving experience.

April, 2008 – Visited Baby Victoria Foster in New Jersey. She was just 2 months old.

April, 2008 – Built the first retaining wall – This is the first of about 6 walls. I built it first without gravel and with a hole for the drain pipe I buried last year, but I redid the whole thing with gravel and I dug up the pipe. I still need to do something with the pipe though. The whole thing took about fifty 22lb bricks.

April 2008 – Had to fix our patio…again – Two slabs of our patio are sinking and we boosted them up in July, 2006, but they’re sinking again. I dug it all out and found all the gravel we put in 2 years ago was gone (or sunken). I jammed a few hundred more pounds in, plus used a car jack to raise then lower it onto two 22lb bricks. Well, it’s sinking again. Oh well.

August 1st, 2008

New York City photos uploaded

Back on Jan 11-13th, Stacie, myself, Jacalyn and Liz (from Australia) met up in Manhattan for a “girls’ vacation”. Why the heck did I go? Well, emotional and physical support I guess.

I’ve actually had the photos uploaded for over a week, but stupid me forgot to actually write about it here 🙂

Here’s the link to the NYC photos.

January 23rd, 2008

Stacie’s 30th Birthday Party Photos Uploaded

Dang, I’m on a roll with these updates! Back in July, we had a nice little birthday party with some close friends. We grilled some burgers and hung out in and by the pool all day. We all had alot of fun.

Obviously I’m not going to upload all the photos because many include people in their bathing suits. However, we have alot of photos that are perfectly fine.

Click here to see the photos

November 12th, 2007

Motorcycle Delivery Photos Added

Back in June, I agreed to go to Philadelphia for a friend to pick up a motorcycle and bring it down to Arlington, VA. It was a nice chance to earn some money and take a little trip with Stacie. The amount I charged pretty much covered gas, mileage, meals and tolls, so we broke even on the trip.

Mainly, I want to show the photos because I’m proud that I used my truck the way it was built. The guy who helped load it was very impressed that it had built-in tie-downs and grooves for the bike tires. The bike fit perfectly with the tailgate down, and we even garnered a few honks from a bunch of other bikers riding by.

Click here to see the photos

November 12th, 2007

Photos of Baby Tyler Posted

Yep, I’m catching up on all our photos we took over the last 4 months. Next one up are pictures of the newest addition to the clan: Baby Tyler. I posted some pictures of the week Jenny was due, and then 10 days after she gave birth to Tyler.

You can see the photos here

November 12th, 2007

Pool Pump and Plumbing Renovation Pictures Posted

Throughout the last summer, I spent quite a few hours and days fixing the original pool plumbing and then fixing what I fixed (a few times). We also added a new $400 pool pump that is much more efficient and quiet than the old one.

You can see the photos here

November 12th, 2007

Debt Payoff and a New Car

Yes, it’s been 2 months since our last update, and a bit has happened since then. Some of you know about my “other site” where I talk about finances, and that’s where we’ve been posting most of our recent milestones and activities, to the detriment of this site. However, we obviously want to keep some privacy, so I try to refrain from posting too much on the other site or linking it back to this one (or the other way around). Since I get tomorrow (Veteran’s Day) off, I decided to work a bit on updating this site with some news about our lives:

Sold the Chevy Malibu

We really didn’t like the Malibu and felt it wasn’t a good quality car, so we sold it in August and made about $11,500 when all was done. We definitely lost a large amount on this car, but we don’t miss it at all. It didn’t have side airbags, was made of cheap plastic, and just didn’t make us feel confident while driving it.

Debt Payoff

This past September, we paid off the last of my/our legacy credit card debt, but we promptly added a few grand more. We paid off the original $20,000 (actually it was higher at one point) from my college and immediate post-college days. We did this in a pretty short amount of time once we decided we wanted it gone.

New Car for Stacie

Most of you (if anyone reads this) know that Stacie got a new present on Sept 28th…a new (to us) MINI Cooper. It’s a 2005 blue w/blue roof MINI with about 30,000 miles. We think it may have been a lease, and know it came directly from England and only had 1 owner (who lived about 5 miles from us).

Stacie loves the car and I think it’s a good investment (for a car, that is) as the MINI doesn’t lose its value as much as other cars do.

November 12th, 2007

What’s happening: September, 2007

It’s been a while since we’ve posted an update. What have we been up to? Well, Stacie has been working busily with a project at work, and I just started my Masters program last week. I have about 200-300 pages of reading each week, in addition to homeworks, team assignments and lectures. Whew!

We didn’t get to do the home improvement projects we’ve wanted, such as a retaining wall by the pool, renovating the upstairs, redoing the older bathroom, or putting hardwood downstairs. All of these will eventually get done, but we’ve been focusing on two other things first:

  1. Getting out of debt: We’re only about $1187 away from cutting up our credit cards!
  2. School and work: Although I’m not very busy at work, I don’t have the luxury of working from home as often. And Stacie has just been cramming to get this TPN program up and running at work. Let’s all petition her boss for a raise for her!

We’re hoping that Stacie’s dad can stop down to help us plan out the renovations, but we also need to look at our budget and make some priorities. However, I have been making a decent income off my other website each month, and so we’ve been able to treat ourselves AND pay off debt faster. What was our treat? I got Stacie a Coach handbag and a day at the spa for her 30th birthday, and we got ourselves an early anniversary present: A Nintendo Wii! We may have planned poorly with the Wii since most of my evenings are now taken up with reading, but we’ll get our money’s worth, I promise you!

Since we aren’t going anywhere this weekend, I’ll try to get some photos organized and uploaded. We haven’t had any major trips, but I’m sure you’re all pining for some pics of our new nephew Tyler, right? Oh wait, no one ever comes here anymore. Well, why don’t you go ahead and sign up to receive email updates whenever we post something.

September 14th, 2007

Photo Update: July 30th, 2007

I’ve finally gotten around to uploading photos to the gallery. Here they are:

I still have a bunch more photos to catalog and upload, so stay tuned for more.

July 30th, 2007

We’re famous!

Well, not really. But we’re pictured on a major website’s conference for computer people (that’s slang for “Stacie doesn’t really know what EMC World is”).

Remember that conference we went to a few months ago in San Francisco? Well, there was a photographer there, taking pictures of everyone. Since it was a software developer conference, there weren’t a lot of girls there. So, when they advertised for this year’s combined conference in Orlando, guess who’s picture got posted online? Yours truly (Mike and me)!! How awesome is that? Mike was excited to be on their website. Check it out! (we’re near the bottom of the page)!

June 2nd, 2007

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